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Guided Breathing for Clarity


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Immediate results delivering:

• clear thinking
• heightened creativity
• lowered anxiety & depression
• release of physical tension

One session sheds years of anxiety, stress & emotional baggage.

What is
Guided Breathing?

What is guided Breath?

We are all told breathing is automatic. Unfortunately, when we are stressed, anxious, depressed or heartbroken our breathing takes a hit. When this happens, our reactivity throws us out of harmony. Like a guitar string plucked out of tune. Depending how long it’s been going on for, the issue gets worse and worse. With Guided Breath, we sit with you while you breathe. We guide you through the issues in your tissues. At times you’ll want to cry, or cramp up or get incredibly emotional. As we sit with you and guide you, we help you let go, flow through it, and return to your natural harmony. The first session can be a bit intense, and as you continue practicing, it’ll get easier and easier until you’re able to do it on your own! The ultimate goal with every client is to return you to a state of harmony so you can do this on your own. 

How Do I Know if Guided Breathing Is Right for Me?

Do you breathe? Do you ever get stressed or anxious or depressed? Do you have any physical pain in your body? If you answered yes to any of the questions, let’s work together. 

Do You Only Work With Individuals?

Individual work is the best for persistent issues or deeper spiritual processes. Every Saturday at 5:30pm we have a group class at Neolyth in Montclair, NJ, and we do corporate workshops for high-performance teams. Also, check our ” book a session” page. Special events are listed at the bottom of the page. 

Do You Offer Ongoing integration support?

Integration is essential to this practice. I am available to work through anything that comes up, some sessions we may decide to talk instead of breathe, depending on what’s going surfacing. Every private and group session includes a time for sharing to work through what you saw, felt and experienced in your deep inward journey.

Oh my god, i have a question that's not answered here!

Please contact us and we’ll answer it straight away. 

“A truly beautiful journey back to myself; was simply amazing.” - TQ

Rahul has given me something most therapists and healers could not heal, ancestral wounding. Within 30 minutes I was able to have clarity on the issues weighing deep within my heart, hidden from my clever subconscious. Rahul was able to facilitate this clarity through my breath and his energy healing. If you are looking for a breakthrough session with a gifted being in the safety of your home, you’re in the right place.

Xavier B.

I did acid for the first time earlier this week. I did not think anything would ever top that experience! I started the session not expecting anything like what happened. Rahul’s process completely blew me away by how powerful and deep we can go with breath! Now I’m learning how to access incredibly vivid and inspiring states of mind without anything external, I can get there with just breathing. It’s incredibly liberating to experience. 

Jason D.


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